At Davidson Bowie, PLLC, our Mississippi-based personal injury attorneys represent clients nationwide in cases involving catastrophic personal injuries and death. Our goal is to assist those who are injured and the grieving families of those that have died.

Modern medicine has allowed people to live longer, healthier lives. Medical devices, which range in complexity and expense from wooden tongue depressors to remote controlled pacemakers and titanium artificial hips, have played a significant role in improving many people’s health and mobility. While we have a lot to be thankful for, too many companies have put products on the market—and into people’s bodies—that lacked sufficient testing and ended up causing more harm than good.  These defective medical devices may shorten people’s lives and cause their final years to be spent in chronic pain and agony. If you or a loved one received a defective medical device, you deserve your fair share of compensation for any pain and suffering it caused, along with compensation for lost work and income. Attaining payment for the harm caused by defective medical devices is challenging, which is why you must have expert legal representation by your side.

The following are some of the major types of defect medical devices cases: 

  • Blair Hugger
  • Bone Cement
  • Depuy Elbow Implants
  • Essure Birth Control
  • Hernia Mesh
  • IVC Filters
  • Neurovascular Stents
  • Transvaginal Mesh
  • Stryker Hip Implants

Defective Medical Devices and the Negligence Laws in Mississippi

To receive compensation for receiving a defective medical device, you must bring a claim against the device’s manufacturer, distributor, supplier, or retailer. This claim is likely in addition to claims against the physician or medical center that used the device.  For one of those parties to be held responsible for damage done to you by a defective medical device, you must show that they were negligent.  These parties have a legal duty to protect you from reasonably foreseeable harm.  When they fail to meet that duty by providing you with a medical device that was negligently manufactured or designed, they can be found responsible for any ensuing injuries.  Similarly, the company can also be held accountable if it provides you with a functioning medical device but fails to warn you of the device’s inherent dangers adequately.

How Can Our Mississippi Defective Medical Device Lawyer Help You or Your Family?

Medical device companies are used to being sued for problems associated with their products. As a result, they and their insurers are represented by skilled attorneys intent on denying claims.  You will need an experienced defective medical device attorney by your side to interpret your medical records, compel the device company to provide you with information regarding their product and to retain expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.  You want an attorney with experience filing the following variety of claims. Manufacturing defect claims allege that the medical device was designed correctly but was manufactured incorrectly, resulting in harm to the patient. Design defects are the inverse, meaning that the product was manufactured correctly, but that an error in its design caused harm.  Failure to warn cases involve correctly designed and manufactured devices that have a negative side effect that the patient was not told of before use.

Why Choose Davidson Bowie, PLLC?

When a defective medical device either causes an accident or causes injuries that should have been avoided, the manufacturer may be held legally responsible. There are many law firms that advertise for these cases every day, but very few truly have the experience to effectively handle them. Davidson Bowie, PLLC is a firm that is seasoned with experience in cases involving defective medical devices. Our experience has given us much insight into defective medical device litigation.

We do not settle cases for pennies on the dollar. We prepare every case for trial. Defense attorneys know we are prepared to fight them in court, and we have earned a reputation of being a firm willing to fight for our clients. We seek full compensation for our clients. Our firm represents those who have suffered catastrophic and life-altering injuries such as paralysis, brain injuries, severe burns and broken bones, as well as the families of individuals who, tragically, have been killed.

If you or a member of your family has been injured or lost their life due to a defective medical device or implant, contact our firm for your free case review. The medical device injury attorneys at Davidson Bowie are standing by to help you determine if you have a viable case and if so, to preserve your legal rights; call them to discuss your case today at (601) 932-0028.

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