As a Mississippi citizen, it’s important to stay on top of current law changes. The lawyers at DAVIDSON BOWIE, PLLC also pay close attention to new laws so we can represent our clients to the best of our abilities.

There have been some important changes to laws and amendments in our State recently. Below is a brief summary about one of the most crucial changes we’ve seen so far – A new bill that was passed in 2019 that may affect those considering filing a premises liability claim.

Property Owners’ Liability Bill

The Bill is referred to as Bill 2901 or the “Landowners Protection Act” and limits the liability of landowners when someone is injured on their property.

Landowners are responsible for keeping their properties free of safety hazards for those who visit it. In the past, if someone visited their property and suffered from a slip and fall accident and received an injury, it was likely that the property owner would be held liable for the costs of the injuries. The injured person could have then used this compensation to pay for the costs of the injuries and damages.

The changes this Bill brings limits the liability of the landowner.

Supporters of Bill 2901 suggest that it would clearly state what the landowner is and is not responsible for. Those who do not support Bill 2901 believe that it will negatively affect those who are harmed. This could have implications of injured people not being able to hold a landowner liable for their injuries. However, the concept of negligence will make this situation complicated. It’s unclear of how liability will be assigned as of yet, but it may make future premises liability cases difficult for those who are injured.


We know how uncertain a personal injury case can be and we are here to offer clarity. When someone acts negligently and you are harmed as a result, that person should be held accountable. While the passing of Bill 2901 may make resolving a premises liability case more difficult, we are committed to doing what we can to fight for the rights of our clients. You shouldn’t have to pick between affording care, paying off a bill, or putting food on the table.

If you’re questioning the validity of a claim you’re considering or how this bill may affect your case, we encourage you to contact our firm today.