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Trucking & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The bottom line is that trucks can be dangerous. They do more damage in crashes, contain more moving parts that can wear down, and are on the road for more hours at a time than most other vehicles. Truck drivers and trucking companies are aware of these facts and should put the public's safety first. At Davidson Bowie, PLLC our experience in trucking accident litigation means holding trucking companies accountable when their carelessness results in catastrophic and fatal consequences. In any truck accident case, it is important to identify and investigate all of the factors that may have contributed to the collision. We will pursue all possible claims against all possible defendants.

Some things we look for in trucking accident cases are: 

  • Commercial Vehicle Rules Violation 
  • Negligent Hiring 
  • Inadequate Driver Training 
  • Inadequate Truck Maintenance 
  • Distracted, tired and DUI Truck Drivers

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